First Post

Hey, thanks for reading.  “The Flat Six” will be my Porsche-centered view of the automotive universe, shared with anyone who enjoys that sort of thing.This won’t be for the sole purpose of glorifying Porsche, but I’m sure plenty of that will go on.  At the same time, there are lots of other car-related topics worthy of discussion, and I plan to put them up on here.  I also hope to use this blog as my personal index for really interesting tidbits that make it into the dark, not-flashy-enough-for-the-internet corners of the buff books (C&D, R&T, Automobile, and to a lesser extent Motor Trend–lesser because their digital format is so annoying to squint at, even on a large screen).  I feel like all of the one-page or sidebar paragraphs in those mags get lost amongst the glossy photo spreads, and I’m always trying to remember on what page in which issue of what magazine I read about some obscure but really telling fact.

Last purpose of this blog will be to share my automotive experiences.  Not just track events and autocrosses, but the journeys, destinations, and deep thoughts that come with vehicle ownership.  I’ve always felt like the car mags focus so intently on what’s next in the biz that they overlook the day-to-day existence of an enthusiast with limited means.  They’re constantly killing me with how great the next big thing is, because I can’t afford it.

But hey, I will admit up-front to being an aspiring automotive journalist.  The day I can remove ‘aspiring’ from that title has to do with a number of factors, but we can safely say that it’s at least five years off.  In the meantime I’m gonna use this blog to flex my weak writing muscles.  Maybe one day they’ll be strong enough to compete with the heavyweights: modern-day car-journo colossi like Ezra Dyer, Jamie Kitman, John Phillips, Jean Jennings, and Wert/Hardigree.  A guy can dream, right?